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Announcement Link 3/15/2024

Greetings to all of the folk of An Crosaire, Amurgorod, Brymmestreme, and the lands about us!

On October 10, 2020, Gwennan and I took up the mantles and Coronets of the Barony of An Crosaire.   We will be finishing our 4th year of service in October of 2024.

It has been a joy and honor acting as the Crown’s representatives to, and for the good folk of our Baronial family. That being said, it is time to find gentles with new ideas and the enthusiasm to take up the coronets.

We send forth the call for letters of intent for those wishing to serve as the next pair of Baronial coronets. Trimaris Kingdom Law requires a minimum of two sets of Baronial Candidates, and there is a polling process that does take some time to implement.  Ideally our Successors would be invested in October of 2024 at Michaelmas.

In accordance with Kingdom law, here are the qualifications to be considered for these positions:


This is the time to consider if you wish to embrace the joys, and responsibilities, of committing to the Coronets of An Crosaire.

Those that would like to serve should submit a letter of intent to His Excellency Tomas, Kingdom Seneschal at . The deadline for your letter/application is April 15, 2024.

Candidates will be announced on April 16, and the Baronial meeting that day will be used as a meet & greet session for the candidates.  Those who have submitted letters should plan to attend in person or via zoom and field questions from the populace.

Members of the Barony and Cantons will receive a printed ballot to be filled out and mailed back to the Crown.  The ballots will be mailed by April 19th, and should be returned with a postmark no later than May 10th.

The final decision is at the discretion of the Crown of Trimaris. The new Baron and Baroness will be announced at court at Trimaris Memorial Tourney Saturday evening May 25th.

Please feel free to talk to us, as well as our predecessors, about the process and realities of taking on this service to the Barony.  

In service to Barony and Kingdom, we remain

al Thaalibi and Gwennan, Baron and Baroness of An Crosaire