Through the Years

What happened this year in ......


The Feast of St. Benet's

On 1-1/3-93 the Barony of An Crosaire celebrates the Feast of St. Benet's to be held at North Florida Christian Camp. Activities to include Light Weapons Lysts, Royal Round and Novelty Archery, Raid the Tavern, Pinata, Best use of Mistletoe Contest, Bardic Circle. Autocrat Master Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov, Feastcrat Baron Breytor Aison of Devon. Talewinds, January AS XXVII, 1993

Hoggetown Medieval Fair

2-19/22-93 the Barony of An Crosaire participated in the Hoggetown Medieval Fair presented by the City of Gainesville at the Alachua County Fair Grounds.


St. Valentine's Festival

On 3-26/28-93, the Barony of An Crosaire presents St. Valentine's Festival at North Florida Christian Camp. Activities are the Champion of An Crosaire lyst, light weapons lyst, archery all day, Raid the Tavern, a Maypole, Hand Kissing Contest, and Rat Pucky. Create a Valentine favor or Token, prizes for the most romantic, most original, most outrageous. A Lover's Feast will be offered. Autocrat Baroness Margaret Elizabeth Aison. Feastcrat, Master Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov

At the Baronial Court

Order of the Cross & Serpent - Natalija Varvara Stoianova

Thomas du Lac

& Award of Arms - Donnal

Order of the Serpent's Torque - Alexander Mochonna Gallowglas

Daimhin Cinncaidhe

Ibrahim ibn Abih al Thaalibi

Fine Brigid

Alejandro del Aguila

Duniait na Sullie Donne

Melicent Tallant

Naxos de la Rouge

Stephen the Silent

St. George's Faire

On 4-23/25-93, In Honor of its Thirteenth Anniversary, the Canton of Mathom Trove presents St. George's Faire at North Florida Christian Camp. The Crown's expressed desire to see more heraldic display in our fair Kingdom of Trimaris will be gladly met with a Traditional Crested Helm Tournament. All entrants are requested to display their helms the morning of the Tourney. Many wondrous classes on period subjects shall be offered, as well as an exciting Archery Competition. Autocrat Lady Ysabela, Feastcrat Lady Signy. Talewinds, February AS XXVII, 1993

At the Royal Court

Order of the Argent Estoile - Nikolia Grigorovich Nabokov

At the Baronial Court

Order of the Plume Angel Rouge - Geoffrey of Lincolne

Ysabela Celestina Manrique de Palma y Majorca



Baron and Baroness: Syr Bryetor Aison of Devon & H.L. Margaret Elizabeth Aison

Seneschal: Lady Natalija Varvara Stoianova

Reeve: Lady Fionnuala MacLeon (Takara)

Herald: Master Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov

Hospitaler: Fiona Bridgid

Minister of Arts & Science: Barb Hah Rah

Constable: Milicent Tallant

Fighter Marshal: Sir Terrell Dunstan Arminger

Archery Marshal: Ean Ferguson

Light Weapons Marshal: Alejandro Del Aguila

Chronicler: Devon Kincade

Librarian: Anne of Adour

Historian: Doireann ni Shea


Seneschal: Lady Ysabela Manrique

Herald: Lady Elfwyn de Barfleur

Marshal: Baron Taliesynne

Fall Coronation

On 9-4/6-93, Fall Coronation will be held at Camp Immokalee, sponsored by the Canton of Mathom Trove. Autocrat Baron Taliesynne, Feastcrat Lady Signy Ottarsdottir Talewinds, July AS XXVIII, 1993

Queens's Champion - Mittion Wyndryder

(Winner of the largest Rapier Lyst held in Kingdom, 30 rapier fighters)

At The Royal Court of Llywelyn and Una

County - Benen MacTire

Rosabel de Burgundy

Order of the Rose - Rosabel de Burgundy

Order of the Laurel - Sean Ui Neil

Order of the Pelican - Araido Antonio Maiella

Una of Blackberry Hollow

Court Baronage - Roland de Germaine

Court Baronage - Serwyl ap Morgan

Order of the Silver Trident - Laura de Botelesford

Grant of Arms - Kyra du Brevard

Demetrius Seethero E'leon Potamo

Roland de Germaine

Kamala al Sharqi

Order of the Argent Scales - Kyra du Brevard

Lars Knarrarsmidr

Alysoun Jeuenterre

Award of Arms - Han Zimmerman

Murieall Niamh Mordaunt

Tamera de Borgia

Orsen o'Donnell

Daibhead MacUater

Tybalt Hough

Cordillia Bridgette Cadwallader

Order of the Emerald Sea - Tamara Ivanovna Nabokova

Order of Trimarian Gratitude - Severin Visconti D'Miano

Iain Callean Mackee

Roland de Germaine

Kamala al Sharqi

Llwelyn ap Cadwaladr ap Dafydd ap Hewy

Erika Bjornsdottir

Seosaidh mac Seosaidh

Jean Paul Ruthendale

Damien von Blauwald

Ian of Beinn Dhubh

Order of the Argent Palm - Iain Cailean Mackee

Catherine the Merry

Iefan Colledig ap Dynfwal Abertawe

Nikolai Grigorovich Nabokov


Michaelmas Moot

9-25/27-93, the Barony of An Crosaire invites you to Michaelmas Moot, to be held at North Florida Christian Service Camp. "May Barbarians Invade Your Personal Space". Featuring France's Finest" fencing Collegiums; The Baroness' Blade; Field Rose Tourney; Britain's Best Bowmen; Archery Forum; Baron's Bow; Bladder Shoot; Royal Rounds and more. Practical skills for exercise and pleasure - Dogball, Knife Throw, Axe Throw, Tilting Breadbaskets, Belching Contest, War-Cry Contest, Flyting Contest (after the example of Loki, of the Dangerous Wit), plus many classes for both kids and adults alike. Autocrats Ceridwen o'ynys Clynnog and Caitlin ni Callitigern o'Conair, Feastcrat Cordelia Talewinds, September AS XXVIII, 1993

Baroness' Blade winner - Don Etienne

Morningstar of Trimaris - Lord Alejandro del Agvila

Silver Shield of Trimaris - William Aeshem

At the Royal Court

Grant of Arms - Caoimhin macReagan

Thomas du Lac

Order of the Argent Scales - Alfric Northwind

Caoimhin macReagan

Order of the Tradewinds Trimaris - Gillian von dem Walde

Order of the Silver Shield - William of Aschem

Award of Arms - Garard the Sworder

Elspeth of An Tir

Renata Livsie Vonhouverlis

Lothar Freund

William of Aschem

Fine Brigid

Order of Trimarian Gratitude - Thomas du Lac

Martinmas Moot

On 11-12/14-93 The Kingdom of Trimaris presents Martinmas Moot to be held at YMCA Camp Winona. Activities include Crown Lyst, Champion of Trimaris Lyst, Rapier Tournament hosted by the Barony of Darkwater; Archery Competition hosted by the Barony of An Crosaire; Heraldic Display Contest hosted by the Barony of Wyvernwood; Poet Laureate, dancing, Brewmaster of Trimaris Competition, classes by the Trimaris Royal University, Hospitaller’s Swap Meet. Autocrat, HL Laura de Botelesford, Feastcrat Lady Basila de Mercier Talewinds, October AS XXVIII, 1993

At the Royal Court

Order of the Chivalry - Demetrius Seethero E'leon Potamo

Order of the Laurel - Sine Gillian McDonald

Court Baronage - Damien von Blauwald

Order of the Triskele Trimaris - Alysoun Jeuneterre

Shula bint Shageega

Order of the Silver Trident - Victoria of Swansea

Order of the White Scarf - Alejandro del Aguila

Grant of Arms - Alysoun Jeuneterre

Shula bint Shageega

Gwenna of Swansea

Award of Arms - Isabeau de Mont St. Michel

Daimhin Cinncaidhe

Finnghuala an Sionnach Dubh

Lioryn ap Griuffydd ap Cadwalladre

Thomas MacConnor of Ulster

Order of the Argent Estoile - Katerina Isabella Sbarbaro da Firenze

Order of the Trefoil Argent - Benen MacTire

Order of the Fletcher - Boaz


Order of the Argent Palm - Teamhair Gleann da Locha

Andre Jean Faucon

Adalhaid of Oak Leah

Elfwyn de Barfleur

Rhiannon ferch Gwylyn

Adan Calentaur