Fighter Practice

Fighter Practice is held every Sunday from 12 noon to 3 pm at Veterans' Memorial Park

at 7400 SW 41 Pl, Gainesville, FL 32608.

If you are new, we have loaner armor to get you started. If you need loaner gear, it is your responsibility to contact the Marshal no later than 1 hour before practice starts.

Lord Almeric Wulfgang von Ristau is the marshal in charge. Please contact him at

352-275-4118 or

If you are interested in Rapier fighting, Honorable Lord Taz Mongojin is our Rapier Marshall. You can contact him at

Target Archery practice and Thrown Weapons practice take place at private homes. If you're interested in these activities, please contact the Hospitaller at or the Seneschal at for more information.

Traveling Fighter Practice - Once a month one of the local groups in Trimaris host the "Traveling Fighter Practice." Everyone in Trimaris is invited to these practices. These traveling practices give the fighters a chance to get to practice with people outside of their local group.

If you are interested in fighting, please join the An Crosaire Fighters Facebook Group.