Scribal Point

Welcome to Scribal Point!

In the SCA, we have a tradition of recognizing participants and volunteers by granting them awards in the form of a unique scroll crafted especially for that recipient.  This is usually presented by a herald during royal court in front of the King and Queen, who lend kind and jesting words lending to the awesome things they have done!

We meet the first Sunday of the month from 1-4pm. If you plan to come or want more information, please either message Gillian on FaceBook or email her at: 

Meet the Scribes!

Mistress Finnguala Inghean Alister

Matriarch Gillian

Jessica of Osprey

Lord Sven Njordson

Lady Teda of Grandin

THL Teamhair Glean de Locha

Lady Matilda Pettigrew

Lord Rhys i Bretlandi


Digital Scribal Design, Layout, and Calligraphy with Procreate - Lady Gracia Abrabanel from An Tir Scriptorium Zoom Class 2024- Passcode: cT&eZ9C4 

St. George's Tournament Scroll Language