The Baronesses of An Crosaire

Mistress Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly and
Mistress Anne of Blackthorne



Title: Seneschal
The Seneschal is the Chapter President and is the legal representative of the group in the modern world. They are responsible for negotiating and signing any contracts that are needed and ensure that the group operates in accordance with the policies of the SCA.

Name: Lord Marcus Atius Taurus

Title: Hospitallier

Recruitment and Retention Officer responsible for welcoming newcomers and helping them get acquainted with the group. They have loaner garb available until the newcomer can make their own medieval clothes.  

Name: Master Ibrahim ibn Abih al Thaalibi

Title: Herald (Names, Arms, and Honors)

Officer who helps participants come up with SCA names and armory; or, the official who makes announcements on the field, or is the Master of Ceremonies for court. 

Name: Mistress Gwennan ferch Gwydion O'Ddyved

Title: Exchequer 

The Treasurer of the group is responsible for the financial affairs of the group and keeping the books. 

Name: Baroness Maebdh ni Siobhan

Title: Knight's Marshal (Heavy Weapons fighting)

A specially trained person who oversees Heavy Weapons (sword and shield) combat activities for safety purposes. Sees to the safety and training of the  participants. Keeps a record of who is authorized to fight locally. 

Name: Lord Almeric Wulfgang von Ristau

Title: Rapier Marshal (Light Weapons fighting)

A specially trained person who oversees Rapier (light weapons) combat activities for safety purposes.  Sees to the safety and training of the participants. Keeps a record of who is authorized to fight locally. 

Name: Honorable Lord Taz Mongojin

Title: Historian

The Historian is in charge of recording, keeping, and displaying the history of the group in text and pictures. 

Name:Honorable Lady Uliana Kovenskaia

Title: Arts and Science Minister

Officer in charge of promoting crafts and skills of the Middle Ages/Renaissance which we research and practice in the SCA. Also referred to as "A & S" 

Name: Valeria Victoria de Deva

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Title: Chronicler

The Chronicler is the editor of An Crosaire's newsletter, Caw Esfee Shin

Name: Joshua Godboldt

Title: Librarian

The Librarian maintains An Crosaire's library of medieval reference books and makes them available to members for research. Wednesday nights from 5 PM to 9 PM is open research night. Please contact the librarian for directions to her house. 

Name: Mistress Ceridwen O Cahercomman

Title: Constable

The Constable acts as an official to keep the peace at events. They are also in charge of lost and found items. 

Name: Gunthar McCardy

Title: Chamberlain

The Chamberlain is in charge of inventory and maintenance of the property of the Barony. 

Name: Honorable Lady Stefanina da Lucca

Title: Webminister

The Webminister maintains the website and social media. 

Name: Heather Gavigan (mundane), SCA name pending approval