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January 9:  How to Survive Hoggetowne!:  A round table discussion with tips and tricks for surviving the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire Demo with your sanity intact.  Old hands, please come and share your insights!  New kids on the block, please come and learn so you don’t have to repeat our past mistakes!  What to wear, what to bring, what to say, and most importantly, what NOT to say.  Please come and learn how to help the Barony make Hoggetowne the greatest Demo EVER!

January 16: How to work at the Archery Booth and other areas of Hoggetowne

February 20:  Welcome to the SCA:  Brought to you by our Baronial Hospitaller.  This class night is dedicated to welcoming our newcomers who found us at the Faire.  

March 20:  TBD

April 17: TBD

May 15: TBD

June 19:  TBD

July 17:  TBD

August 21:  TBD

September 18:  TBD

October 16:  TBD

November 20:  TBD

December 18:  TBD