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Class Schedule


January 17:  How to Survive Hoggetowne!:  A round table discussion with tips and tricks for surviving the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire Demo with your sanity intact.  Old hands, please come and share your insights!  New kids on the block, please come and learn so you don’t have to repeat our past mistakes!  What to wear, what to bring, what to say, and most importantly, what NOT to say.  Please come and learn how to help the Barony make Hoggetowne the greatest Demo EVER!

February 21:  Welcome to the SCA:  Brought to you by our Baronial Hospitaller.  This class night is dedicated to welcoming our newcomers who found us at the Faire.  

March 21:  Basic Sewing- Make a Cup Cover: Bring a small piece of fabric (8” x 8”) and beads, or use the supplies in class. Instructor will be demonstrating simple sewing techniques and we’ll be creating a fun addition to feast gear to keep the flora and fauna out of your cup at events. (Valeria Victoria de Deva)

April 18:  Embroidery Basics: Either return to class with your cup cover, or bring another project that needs some decorative stitches. Instructor will be teaching some basic embroidery stitches for embellishing your projects. (Maebdh ni Siobhan)

May 16:  Make a Viking Hood: Using your basic sewing skills and embroidery stitches, we’ll be making a Viking hood. You’ll need to bring about a yard of fabric (cotton/linen for a thinner hood, flannel/wool for a thicker one), thread, or use the supplies available in class. (Valeria Victoria de Deva)

June 20:  Gemstones: Lecture class on gemstones. (Ibrahim ibn Abih al Thaalibi)

July 18:  Making Sekanjabin: In class demonstration on how to make this simple yet refreshing Iranian beverage- with samples in class. (Class originally given by Sibeal Inghean Mhurchadha and reproduced with permission by Valeria Victoria de Deva)

August 15:  Make a period game. Based on historic information, we’ll be making fabric/leather game boards and drawing or embroidering their designs. (Nichole Bourdonne and Valeria Victoria de Deva)

September 19:  Medieval Game night! Bring your new game from August and play OR, feel free to play another game. (Nichole Bourdonne)

October 17:  Lecture/class: TBD (Dulcia MacPherson)

November 21:  Beginning Heraldry (Finnguala inghean Alusdair)

December 19:  Medieval Dancing. Several period dances will be taught during class- potentially the ones we’ll be doing at Hoggetowne 2018! (Cicillia der Hund)

How to work at the Hoggetowne Archery Booth (Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly AKA Wolfmom)